Customer Testimonials

  1. The girls here are wonderful! Friendly, efficient service from people who actually care about you. I would return again and again and invite all my family and friends. Come in and visit, you're in good hands!
    Lisa P.
  2. The staff at Medrock truly Rocks! I was not certain that any of these procedures would work but four months later I lost over 6 inches in my waist and went back to my favorite jeans. My wife is now coming too, not that she needs any:). Thank you guys!
    Mark S.
  3. I love this place! It's beautiful and clean on the inside and the ladies are very professional, knowledgeable and comforting. They definitely take care of you and make sure you're okay the entire way through. I will definitely be returning for more services!
    Rocio Z.
  4. I came back in September and I was very skeptical. They did not have any special deal going on but I still went for it as I was preparing for my wedding in March. We are now in January and I could not be happier with my decision. The treatments were painless and highly effective. My love handles have significantly reduced and my back looks so much better too. Thank you again!
    Patricia F.
  5. I came in for a chemical peel and boy am I glad I walked in. I ended up doing the collagen and wrinkle treatment and my skin looks smoother and tighter now. I am doing the muscle stimulation sessions now since I am not that crazy about going to the gym. Hopefully they will work as well as my facial treatment did. The staff if very caring and truly genuine. Very nice people!
    Jennifer C.
  6. A lot of great services and very nice and professional staff. It is not necessarily pleasant to talk about weight loss, but I must admit they made me feel very comfortable. I have purchased a combination of services for different areas I needed treated and after only 6 weeks I can already see and feel the difference. I still have a few treatments to go and I am super excited. Many thanks!
    Laura D.
  7. I had my eyebrows microbladed and I just love them. I was very scared thinking it will hurt, or they'll look too dark or weird but the girl did an amazing job. I am so happy! Thank you
    Marsha F.
  8. I have tried so many other treatments to eliminate the cellulite on the back of my legs and nothing seemed to work. I have decided to do endermologie and I am extremely satisfied. I have less dimples and my skin has improved so much. The girls there are also very nice and caring. I will most definitely be back.
    Johanna S.
  9. I had these large dark spots on my jaws for many years. I have had so many microderms and chemical peels I dont even remember. I walked in one day to get waxing services and as we were talking they mentioned Cryo Clear for the dark spots on my face. I was skeptical, but I did it and 3 weeks later my skin is clear and they are completely gone!!! I could not believe my eyes. Since they were on my face and i had to cover them with makeup all the time, it truly meant a lot to me. Thank you again! I am getting my skin tags under my arm taken care of next!
    April R.
  10. I had microblading for my lips and my eyebrows and I am so happy....they look amazing. My lips did hurt a lot but the eyebrows did not. She did give me ample time to catch my breath and relax to be able to go through it.....I was very nervous.....but more eyebrow pencil and lipstick for me.....I look perfect when I wake up:-)
    Kristina J.